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Through a renter's eyes: An inside look into what potential tenants actually look for in their online search.

Do you know what renters are really looking for? To make your rental property listing more desirable to potential renters, it's important to understand how and what they look for when using the rental search sites.  Renters search for rentals based on the bedroom quantity and location.  They will narrow down their choices by adding a price range or maximum price.  Having your property priced within general market range ensures that your property will be seen in the renter’s search results. Items that would enhance the value of a property for sale, do not always have the same impact on rental price. Renters will not pay extra for things like gourmet appliances, high end carpeting, expensive fixtures etc.   Keep that in mind when setting the rental price as being within market range is vital to make sure the renters are able to see your ad after filtering for price.   Having photos that fully display the property will help the renters virtually tour the property. The photos are v